Everyone has a family either by birth or by choice. We’ve chosen to make military, coast guard, veterans and their families part of our extended family. Every family has a unique story…and this is ours. On October 28, 2016 a fire destroyed the offices and storage areas for the Cape Cod Military Support Foundation. Help poured in from across the state and beyond. The generosity was so great that the foundation leaders sought to share the donations with other parts of the state. Their eyes were opened to the extent of the needs of military, coast guard and veteran families across the state. Their tightknit community family on the Cape & Islands was great – but they knew they could do more… so they did.

The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation Inc. was formed in 2017 to expand the programs and services across the state. Massachusetts has a long and pivotal military and national history.. we are caretakers of that living history through our support to those who serve and defend the Commonwealth and the nation